Camco 42183 Screen Door Cross Bar

One of the first things I noticed after buying our first camper was that there wasn’t a good place to grab to open and close the screen door from the inside. We were using the sliding plastic panel to push the door open which would cause it to pop out of the track and we used the frame of the door to close it which was causing the screen to work it’s way out of the frame. I looked for solutions and found the Camco screen door cross bar. It seemed like a simple but effective solution and the installation looked pretty easy so I bought one. Read more

Camco Pop-A-Toothbrush

While preparing for a two week vacation in the RV with a total of two adults and five children, we looked for any opportunities to utilize every bit of storage space available – no matter how small. We were also tired of everyone keeping their toothbrushes in wet, slimy Ziploc bags on the bathroom counter or stashed away in suitcases which required assembling search parties every morning and night. Read more

Camco 36543 Pump Converter Winterizing Kit Review

If your RV spends the winter in a cold climate, winterizing is vital as it can spare you from broken parts and expensive repairs due to water freezing inside the plumbing system. Using this Camco winterizing kit is just one of many ways to do it and it’s the best method I’ve seen yet. I go over the process in my full article on winterizing. (link) Read more