YOO.MEE High Pressure Shower Head

RVs are notorious for having lackluster water pressure and, therefore, providing an underwhelming shower experience. This was a big issue for my wife and daughters with their long, thick hair. So much so, that we resorted to only using the campground shower houses.

I recently learned about a shower head that claimed to boost pressure in ways that I don’t understand and, frankly, didn’t believe. This was the Oxygenics shower head. I read the glowing reviews and was just about convinced enough to give it a try. I added it to my Amazon Wish List but Amazon Prime Day rolled around before I ordered it. That’s when the YOO.MEE shower head popped up as a Prime Day deal so I quickly ordered one.

It seemed to have similar claims and reviews but was less expensive. I was still on the fence about it and, I admit, the name might have had something to do with it. Oxygenics sounded more credible than this one with the funny-sounding name and poorly translated description. I decided to pull the trigger based on the good reviews and lower price and I’m glad I did.

I first tested it in the shower at home. We use hand-held shower heads at home and we were happy with the water pressure from them, or so we thought. I held the existing shower head against the wall above the faucet pointing toward the far wall of the bathtub. When I turned the water on I noted that the water sprayed and fell to the floor of the tub without reaching the far wall no matter what angle I held it at.

I swapped it out for the YOO.MEE shower head and turned it on. WOW! The spray was completely horizontal and hit the far wall of the tub! I don’t know what kind of magic is happening in that chunk of plastic but it works.

I resisted the urge to swap out the old RV shower head right away because I wanted to see another comparison test. For a real world test, I waited and took the new one on the next camping trip. When we got to the campground and hooked up to the city water connection I couldn’t wait. The old shower head performed as it had been and put out a pitiful stream that barely covered any distance before falling to the bathtub floor. I quickly swapped them out (no tools were needed, by the way) and the new YOO.MEE shower head shot out a spray that, while not as vigorous as it was at home, reached the far wall of the shower. The difference was truly amazing.

The YOO.MEE shower head upgraded our RV shower from nearly useless to comparable to our standard shower head at home that we’d been happily using for years. We never used to use the shower in the RV because it was so ineffective. Now, if only we weren’t limited by the six gallon water heater! Also, since it boosted our home shower from normal to awesome I’ll be buying a couple more for home.