Camco Pop-A-Toothbrush

While preparing for a two week vacation in the RV with a total of two adults and five children, we looked for any opportunities to utilize every bit of storage space available – no matter how small. We were also tired of everyone keeping their toothbrushes in wet, slimy Ziploc bags on the bathroom counter or stashed away in suitcases which required assembling search parties every morning and night.

Enter the Camco Pop-A-Toothbrush. These are like little two car garages for toothbrushes. When we bought these and started looking for good mounting spots we were a little unsure of where they’d go. We considered mounting them on the wall under or next to the medicine cabinet but thought it would look tacky and cluttered out in the open. We also considered mounting them in the medicine cabinet on the back wall but realized they would interfere with items on the shelves. Then we thought about mounting them on the inside of the door. A quick check for shelf clearance and we committed to that location. It was perfect!

They only take seconds to mount with the included double-sided foam tape and they are very solid. No toothbrushes have fallen out after driving nearly 2500 miles, yet they’re easy to pull out when needed. We assigned parking spaces to each owner’s toothbrush by writing initials on them with a Sharpie and they’ve been great. No more lost toothbrushes, they stay covered and clean and there’s much less clutter on the counters.