Camco 42183 Screen Door Cross Bar

One of the first things I noticed after buying our first camper was that there wasn’t a good place to grab to open and close the screen door from the inside. We were using the sliding plastic panel to push the door open which would cause it to pop out of the track and we used the frame of the door to close it which was causing the screen to work it’s way out of the frame. I looked for solutions and found the Camco screen door cross bar. It seemed like a simple but effective solution and the installation looked pretty easy so I bought one.

The installation wasn’t bad doing it myself but it would’ve been easier with another set of hands. It’s a universal-fit product so there are some adjustments to get it right for your application but I have some tips to make it easy. It came with a paper template to help with positioning and drilling the mounting holes but I found it easier (and probably more accurate) to just hold it in place and make pencil marks as needed.

First, slide the black mounting brackets onto the silver bar and have one person hold everything in place exactly where you want to mount it. They recommend using a level but I suggest you don’t. If your trailer isn’t sitting perfectly level and/or your screen door frame isn’t level, then the bar won’t be parallel to the frame and it won’t look right. I just eyeballed it and positioned the bar parallel to the screen door frame.

While holding the loose assembly in place, mark the door frame for the mounting screw locations. Also, slide the silver bar side-to-side in the black mounting brackets until it’s even and mark the bar at the inside edges of the brackets. Once all the marks are made, remove the assembly, hold the bar and brackets in the positions marked and install the set screws through the black brackets into the silver bar. Then, hold the assembled unit back on the door frame to double-check the location of the mounting holes, make any adjustments needed and drill the holes in the screen door frame for the mounting brackets. Install the mounting screws and you’re done.

This has been one of the best improvements I’ve made to our camper. There’s now have a convenient, solid place to grab and open and close the screen door. As an added bonus, the door itself doesn’t flex as much as it did before either.