Camco 36543 Pump Converter Winterizing Kit Review

If your RV spends the winter in a cold climate, winterizing is vital as it can spare you from broken parts and expensive repairs due to water freezing inside the plumbing system. Using this Camco winterizing kit is just one of many ways to do it and it’s the best method I’ve seen yet. I go over the process in my full article on winterizing. (link)

I bought this in the fall just prior to winterizing my RV for the first time. I was looking for a simple but effective way to do it and this looked promising. I am happy with the purchase although I only ended up using a couple parts from the kit. I realized later that I surely could’ve bought similar parts for less at a local home improvement store but I only paid about $12 for the kit delivered and since I didn’t have to spend my time searching for specific items at the big box store I’ll call it a win.

I read reviews about the valve in this kit being too restrictive and negatively affecting water pressure throughout the RV. I could see that being an issue so I decided to keep it but not to use it for now. I just removed the intake hose from the water pump and attached the hose that came in this kit. I dropped the other end of the hose into a gallon jug of RV antifreeze, turned on the pump and ran antifreeze through the system. It was fast, effective,  and I was amazed at the small amount of antifreeze used. I didn’t even use the full gallon for the entire system because you essentially have no waste using this method.